The screen is recreating the impression in the eye that views the subject, dematerializing it to its essence, keeping only a glimpse of what is behind. The glass screen is a natural filter, it shows some things and hides others, creating a desire that we often forget: visual reconstruction. Everything is built around the glass, a black painted metal frame with custom made brass hinges supports the three textured glass panes which are combined with black glass inserts that compose a kind of grid that would accentuate the deconstruction.

Design: david / nicolas
Materials: fused glass / coated steel / brass
Dimensions: W165 x H170 / three-partite
Colours: black / crystal clear

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Our products are handmade thus every piece is a unique copy. We do our very best to make sure our product photos are as close to the exact product as possible, but cannot guarantee that what you see is an exact reproduction. 

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