Christian Haas combines clear shapes and minimal design with Gustav van Treeck's intuitive craftsmanship. Fascinated by the workshops' fine skills and their archive, the central element of Haas' low table is an opulent stained glasswork, visible only through reflection. The motif is a detail from a Bavarian glass painting from the 19th century. The colours selected for Vice Versa correspond to the historical design it has been modelled on. Following the techniques of the old masters, the hand-blown glass panes have been cut taking in account their individual structures. Furthermore, they have been contoured, etched, painted and leaded in the traditional manner.

Design: Christian Haas
Materials: hand-blown antique glass, painted
lead glazing / handcrafted mirror / stainless steel / LEDs
Dimensions: W148 x H50 x D79 cm

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Shipping Time: 12 weeks

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