New Dawn Fades / Mirko Borsche & Relvãokellermann

New Dawn Fades / Furniture System Using an air brushing gun as a graffiti can, Mirko Borsche painted several panes of glass as if they were translucent canvases floating in the room. On an attempt to organize the different spaces thereby created, Relvãokellermann transformed those canvases into furniture pieces by designing four multidirectional items. Depending on the way an item is attached to the glass, a different furniture element is created. Mechanical mass production has giv-en us the ability to produce vast amounts of objects to perfection but this collection has something that traditional furniture industr y cannot replicate. It addresses the tactile interactions between people and materials. The glasses don't pretend to be perfect, the aluminium doesn't try to look plain. Both were worked by someone's hands and this fact is not covered up, instead it's praised and magnified by showing up its beautiful imperfections.

Design: Mirko Borsche & Relvãokellermann
Materials: Aluminium / airbrush on floatglass / various items

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